The Irony of The School in Flames

Diamond RanchToday there was a fire that surrounded my school, Diamond Ranch High School. It was my, and most of the students, first in a real fire drill. Most of the students, including  myself, adventured around the safe area trying to take photos of the blaze that was slowly engulfing our school. I was expecting chaos and disorder , but most of the students complied with the ASB’s orders. Because the fire started during lunch, half of the school was left without a supervisor. I was surprised to find that most of the students had checked in with their teachers. During fire drill practice, I would hear students exclaim that they would escape if there was a fire, because our school was on top of a very dry hill. But many, if not all, of the students stayed and listened to the administrators.

What I thought was amazing was that the fire brought two nemeses together. Two of my friends despised each other due to an earlier experience from when they were younger. As I walked with them towards the gym, they were conversing as if  they had been friends. While we talked toward the gym, many of the other students sarcastically preached about repentance and death; my friends, earlier nemesi, joined in the sarcastic ritual and laughed about these invented instances. But when we were allowed to evacuate, they did say anything to each other, not even make eye contact.

After the everyone was evacuated, students started tweeting and posting about how the administration was disorganized and complained about the school, these tweeting insults disappointed me. The tweeters and updaters were complaining about the very people who protected them from the fire and without them true chaos would have erupted. Also, according to many news stations there were no deaths, injuries, or damaged property, which proved to me that the administrators did their jobs in protecting the students.

I thought that the fire brought out the best qualities of people, until after the fire was put out. While we were trapped within the fire, the students were more sympathetic, offering rides and being obedient, but after the flames were extinguished, the students burned the very people who protected them.

I found this whole event very humorous. How Ironic.


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